Month: March 2006

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Gemba Keiei Chapter 15: Just In Time

In this chapter Taiichi Ohno discusses “just in time” but spends very little time on how material and information flows in TPS and most of his time wondering about the origin of the English phrase. Toyota Production System has two pillars: autonomation (jidoka) and just in time but I realized

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Herman Miller NT Furniture is NoT Lean

At Gemba we advocate something called the “open office” both for ourselves and to support the Lean transaction efforts of our clients. The open office is exactly what it sounds like, a Lean office area with as few walls as possible. So imagine my horror reading an article in the

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College Dean Concludes: Kaizen Best Learned by Doing

E. Alan Hartman, Dean of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh College of Business, has been rolling up his sleeves and doing gemba kaizen. He first wrote about his experience with kaizen at the Ariens Co. in the Appleton Post-Crescent in February. Yesterday he concluded “Kaizen best learned through participation” in the

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