Month: February 2010

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Subsidiarity: A (Medieval) Lean Principle

Guest Post by Mark R. Hamel of Gemba Tales OK, there probably weren’t many lean practitioners in the Middle Ages, but Thomas Aquinas, the 13th century theologian, philosopher and all around brainiac did play a significant role in developing the concept of subsidiarity. So, what the heck is subsidiarity? According

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How to Make Time for Kaizen

In the early stages of exploring kaizen and other formal continuous improvement systems people always ask, “Where will we find time for kaizen in addition to all of our other work?” Ideally kaizen should be something done not in addition to your work but as part of the work itself.

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We Learn Nothing from History

Even as Toyota mops up the mess from their sales volume-driven expansion-related quality problems, challenger Volkswagen AG “…unveiled an ambitious plan to boost annual sales to eight million vehicles in the midterm and to exceed 10 million by 2018.” according to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, VW Aims

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