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How I Sustain a Clean PC Desktop

Have you ever heard the stories of how the air conditioning repair man often has air conditioning problems at home? Or how the plumber’s wife is constantly after him to fix the leak under the sink? Well, I can relate. You see, if I am being honest, I must confess

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Are People Your Greatest Asset?

Scott contributed a comment to a recent article on how to motivate front line workers: I never liked the expression that “people are your greatest asset”. People should never be looked upon as an asset. An asset is defined as property owned and controlled by the firm. People cannot be

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Lean Blogging – There’s an app for that!

If you are an iPhone user you’re going to want to download the 100% free Lean Daily app. It’s extremely cool as it consolidates the latest posts from your favorite lean blogs into one convenient app. Here is a summary of the blogs and free lean videos you’ll be able

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Your Valuable Feedback is Needed

Gemba Academy is looking to possibly implement a Learning Management System (LMS) that would allow our customers to track what videos have been watched as well as what quizzes have been taken. So, to help us understand how value added a LMS is to our current and future customers we’ve

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Whom shall we serve?

Lot, a reader of LSS Academy, recently sent the following question in. “We are actually starting lean six sigma in our bank and I am in charge of the central processing unit of the HO. I am getting a bit confused as to who I should satisfy first and foremost.

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The Pros and Cons of Paced Conveyor Lines

Steve asked in an e-mail: What are the productivity advantages, specifically in terms of operator efficiency, with respect to a moving, paced conveyor line and a non-moving, non-paced line? We’re looking at three scenarios: 1) Non paced, non-moving line: workstations (stalls) balanced per takt time, however they are non-paced 2)

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