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A New Year, a New Gemba

I welcome 2011 with a great deal of optimism and excitement. Today marks a new beginning for our company, our team and for me personally. Thirteen years ago we founded Gemba Research with the goal of doing something significant towards expanding the understanding of kaizen, the Toyota Production System and

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5S Red Tag Event for this Website

Thanks to a reader’s timely comment, I am happy to share with you some news about some accelerated change to our blog. “The site looks like it needs a red tag event!” said Shaun. Right you are! What surprised me was that nobody had ever said this before by readers

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About this Blog

Introduction to Gemba Panta Rei Gemba Panta Rei is the corporate blog of Gemba Research, a kaizen consulting firm. In this blog we will share our thoughts on Lean manufacturing, kaizen, Lean healthcare, Lean governemnt, Lean transaction and better ways to make things better. The views and opinions on this

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