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5S Overview Video

The launch of our online training service Gemba Academy is just days away. We have been busy at work readying online training courses for lean manufacturing, six sigma, project management and more. We will offer six month subscriptions which includes the online training, bonus material for download, access to forums

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The Correct Sequence for Doing 5S?

Harish was reading the archives and asked a question: Traditionally (Hirano or Ohno’s Work Place Management) 5S is in a specific order – Sort, Set (Straighten), Shine (Spic & Span), Standardize and Sustain (if needed). I have seen a few books and even a DVD (5S Garage) where the order

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Top 10 Success Factors for 5S

We took a quick poll today during a training class for Lean facilitators on their common experiences with barriers and struggles in sustaining 5S efforts as part of a Lean manufacturing implementation. The top 10 success factors for 5S that we agreed on can be grouped as below: Purpose for

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5S Know How from the Last Century

We are going through a fairly thorough 5S exercise of our server. Just over 22GB of files were red tagged last week. Of the few items that were salvaged from the red tag folder was a series of notes by Brad Schmidt, President of Gemba Japan. These were from a

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E-mail 5S

A Wall Street Journal article today says How You Handle Your E-mail Inbox Says A Lot About You. The article identifies that e-mail is overwhelming people. There is an example of one person who was stressed out by 500 e-mails in their inbox, another who had 10,000 e-mails in their

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