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What You May be Missing About 5S

Paul left a couple of comments recently that caught my attention: HELP! My company has been “attempting” 5s for several years now,and have recently begun rolling it out once again after stopping it a few years back. My problem is this: We seem totally focused on painting everything from walls

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What’s the ROI of a 5S Program?

A reader asked, “What’s the ROI of a 5S program?” She explained that she had read on another blog that it was impossible to calculate an ROI for a 5S program and that this was troubling for her. She has been leading 5S efforts in her office and now that

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Declutter with 5S in 20 Minutes Per Day?

In modern society there are many promises of something in “only 20 minutes per day” whether it is flat abdominals, riches or perfect happiness. In fact what many people miss is that it is “20 minutes per day FOREVER” that guarantees success. The same is true for sustaining lean culture

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5S Red Tag Event for this Website

Thanks to a reader’s timely comment, I am happy to share with you some news about some accelerated change to our blog. “The site looks like it needs a red tag event!” said Shaun. Right you are! What surprised me was that nobody had ever said this before by readers

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5S Overview Video

The launch of our online training service Gemba Academy is just days away. We have been busy at work readying online training courses for lean manufacturing, six sigma, project management and more. We will offer six month subscriptions which includes the online training, bonus material for download, access to forums

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The Correct Sequence for Doing 5S?

Harish was reading the archives and asked a question: Traditionally (Hirano or Ohno’s Work Place Management) 5S is in a specific order – Sort, Set (Straighten), Shine (Spic & Span), Standardize and Sustain (if needed). I have seen a few books and even a DVD (5S Garage) where the order

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