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By Jon Miller Updated on May 24th, 2017

Congratulations to Kaizen Institute Romania, KI Japan for the 2nd successful “5S in the City” event. In cooperation with the Japanese non-profit organization 日本を美しくする会 (Organization to Clean Up Japan), a team of citizens and foreign guests worked to beautify the city and learn the spirit of kaizen. Please see YouTube video below.

The Clean Up Japan organization is not-for-profit, not religiously affiliated, and has the stated aim to remove flaws in society by removing flaws in our hearts through the act of cleaning public spaces. Their activities are nation-wide in Japan and expanding overseas, including a visit to New York City in September.

This humble volunteer organization dedicated to cleaning public streets, parks and toilets was started by Hidesaburo Kagiyama, the founder and retired CEO of a billion dollar Japanese auto parts chain Yellow Hat. He has written a few books on what he learned by cleaning, and practices calligraphy above which reads:

“Pick up one piece and it becomes one piece cleaner”

In the street, in the city, in the heart, one person at a time.

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