Month: June 2007

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Taiichi Ohno’s Revolution of Awareness

Very early in the book Taiichi Ohno’s Workplace Management the architect of the Toyota Production System calls for “a revolution of awareness”. He proceeds to talk about misconceptions and false beliefs of various types that people have, as he tells stories and explains parts of the Toyota system. Although the

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When is the best time for kaizen?

When is the best time for kaizen?  Anytime?  Perhaps.  However, in Taiichi Ohno’s Workplace Management we read that the best times to do kaizen are when things are going great.  There is an expression “poverty dulls your wits” which means that when you are impoverished you will not be able to

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Lean Accounting Webcast Archive

If you missed the Lean Accounting webcast last week here is a link to the archive. What you need to know about lean accounting (Hint: It’s not just for accountants). This archive will be available for one year from this link.

How to preach the gospel

One of my passions in life is studying and learning more about my Catholic faith.  I especially enjoy reading the early church fathers.  And of these earliest Christians, St. Francis of Assisi may be my favorite. St. Francis, when instructing others on how to best evangelize non-believers, commented “Preach the Gospel at

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This Week in Kaizen (Wk #25, 2007)

This was a particularly interesting week in kaizen-related news, so here’s a roundup: One Thousand Kaizen Events and Counting… Ariens Company of Wisconsin celebrated their one thousandth kaizen event this week. That’s 140 man-years of kaizen events since 2001. Great, but how many other ways can people at Ariens do

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God called down the rain

I’ve had a crap week and need to vent.  Earlier this week in Keller, TX we received about 7 inches of rain in about an hour.  Normally this would create a small lake in my back yard that would soon run off into the street.  Unfortunately, there is a road being extended

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Concrete Heads

This 4 minute video, while ultimately a lean consulting sales pitch, is pretty funny and so true in many companies.  Check it out.