Month: November 2007

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Sensei and Sensibility

Please excuse the pun. I’m increasingly convinced that awareness and sensibility outweigh knowledge and capability when it comes to being a Lean leader or teacher of kaizen. Taiichi Ohno called for a “revolution of awareness” and I believe his habit of making people stand in the circle was aimed at

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I am Addicted to Kaizen

Hi, my name is Ron and I am addicted to kaizen. I was first introduced to kaizen years ago and while I did like it I didn’t go overboard.  I worked on a few point kaizen events but never really accomplished more than some nice 5S and a layout or two.

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Back from the Big House

Let me just say this past weekend rocked!  As regular readers of the blog know I attended the Ohio State versus Michigan football game this past Saturday.  Well my Buckeyes handled Michigan with ease and won the Big Ten championship.  We will most likely play in the Rose Bowl.  We

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