Month: September 2008

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I am, therefore I think

I believe René Descartes may have gotten it backwards when he said, in Latin, “Cogito, ergo sum.” When translated this famous saying means “I think, therefore I am.” I contend he should have said, “I am, therefore I think.” Now, before the Philosophy police come for me allow me to

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Are You Ready For Lean?

I just skimmed through a short white paper that attempted to provide a checklist to help an organization decide if they were ready for lean. It was written by a person who works for a “human capital management solutions” company. Yeah, you can probably guess where I’m headed. Rather than

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Lean Manufacturing in One Word

Some of the most popular so-called lean manufacturing tools (some of which are actually systems, others which are disciplines, yet others which are in fact policies) can be reduced to one word: respect. This is staggering when you think about it, and makes you wonder at the subtle genius of

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The 7 Creativity Tools for When You are Stuck

There is a lot written about creativity. What is it? How can we develop it? Can it be measured and managed? An increasing amount of discussion in the business community is directed towards the topic of creativity. Many a blogger or speaker package common sense under some combination of productivity

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Step Away From the Dashboard!

Here’s a question for you. Is the mission control center of your organization centered on a set of dashboards or balanced scorecards? In other words, when a crisis is about to hit (or has already hit) how do you react? Do you run to the dashboard to see what’s happening? 

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