Month: January 2010

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Live Strategy Deployment Video Workshop

I recently facilitated two different Hoshin Kanri (aka Policy Deployment) workshops.  Both have been extremely successful and the teams I worked with were able to reflect, align, and energize all at the same time. I plan to write more on hoshin kanri in the future… but until then I am

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Seven Sayings for Successful Continuous Improvement

Getting started with continuous improvement is easy but keeping it going is hard. Even though we speak of long-term thinking as one of the central tenets of continuous improvement and kaizen, many of us opt for the short-term actions, focusing more on “improvement” than the “continuous”. It was probably a

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Review of Work the System by Sam Carpenter

The title of Sam Carpenter’s Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less is deceiving. It sounds like another “4 hour work week” promise-of-personal-wealth-and-happiness book of the moment. In fact “work the system” even suggests cheating, something Sam Carpenter is careful to point out is not

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Going Analog

Technology is great, no doubt about it. After all… it’s because of the Internet and computers you’re reading these words.  Not so long ago this wouldn’t have been possible. So, let me be clear, I am not a technology snob… with one exception. Go Analog First If you are creating

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The Dirty Secret of Science

There is an interesting article in Wired magazine titled The Neuroscience of Screwing Up. The main lesson from the article is that humans innately ignore inputs that contradict or don’t fit within their world views. As such, we need other around us to look at that same phenomena or data,

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