Month: July 2010

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The Purpose of Lean

I think the purpose of lean is to get better at choosing good over evil. Most of us understand that lean requires us to choose value over waste, good over bad, and better over good. But to what end? How do we judge what is value and what is waste?

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How to Determine Cycle Time, Takt Time, Lead Time

Vaibhav, a reader of Gemba Academy’s blog, emailed us the following question. Can you please help me understand the definitions for the following terms?   1) Cycle Time 2) Manufacturing Lead Time 3) TAKT Time 4) Inventory Turns Your help to clear the definitions & formulas for the above is highly

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Igor Stravinsky Agrees: Standards Enable Creativity

There is a stereotype of the creative person who chafes at standards related to how their work is performed, to the point of eschewing any sort of process-driven continuous improvement approach. This creative person can be a designer, a marketing professional, a sales person, a machinist, or a doctor. “Work

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Visualizing the Water Level

One of the simplest and most powerful visual controls is the horizontal line. Placed strategically above a stack of inventory, across a graph plotting daily quality performance or even to indicate a safe height clearance for vehicles, the horizontal line can give us information of great value for relatively little

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