Month: October 2010

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Wasting Time in 3 Billion Meetings

Meetings are one of the few times when humans have the opportunity to positively and constructively interact with one another, yet it seems businesses and organizations large and small struggle to make them effective. In fact often meetings are a great waste of time and even a source of frustration

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Book Review: Kaizen Event Fieldbook

My friend, and fellow lean blogger, Mark Hamel has written one of the most thorough, and Shingo prize winning, lean workbooks I’ve ever read called Kaizen Event Fieldbook: Foundation, Framework, and Standard Work for Effective Events (this is not an affiliate link). This book is JAM PACKED with useful information related to how to

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The Engine, the Oil and the Fuel

A lean facilitator from France asked a question about how lean transformations should be driven. This person’s company started lean in 2007 by having a sensei within top management. The background is: I was named lean facilitator (no official authority), my mission was just to be “the oil in the

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Kaizen Overview Training Video

Here is the first overview video of our latest Gemba Academy course we’re calling The Kaizen Way. My daughters even make an appearance! This new course is focused on all things kaizen – the kaizen event, suggestions systems, etc. To learn more please visit Gemba Academy today.

Gemba Academy Releases Online Kaizen Course

We now have over 100 videos and 56 hours of online learning about lean thinking and continuous improvement at Gemba Academy. In the past month we have added 9 modules to our newest course, the Kaizen Way. We introduce the kaizen philosophy, kaizen events, jishuken, QC circles, suggestion systems and

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Shifting Care to the Front Line

An article in the October 2010 issue of the Scientific American titled “Closing the Healthcare Gap” revealed the importance of primary care physicians in improving the healthcare system and also the problem of a shortage of primary care physicians. The results from business process redesign effort at Group Health Cooperative

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Bring on the Learning Revolution!

My friend Ted is always spreading good ideas. This 18 minute video titled “Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!” was delivered with skill and humor, bringing home some ideas that have interesting parallels within how we need to understand lean management. One of the notable quotes spoke to

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