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Practice Makes Champions

A few months ago I wrote about my soccer coaching experiences with my daughter’s U7 team. To conclude that article I mentioned we were about to start playing indoor soccer. Well, that indoor season ended Friday night… and I’m happy to announce that our team of 6 and 7 year

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The Importance of Metering the Smallest Losses

There is an expression in Japanese,  「ちりも積もれば山となる」 ”Dust accumulates to form a mountain.” (chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru). While this may not be geologically correct, it carries a deep truth that lean practitioners will recognize through experience. Taken positively, this is the essential spirit of kaizen, that small changes repeated

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Why Don’t We See More QC Circles?

In the early 1990s I recall my Japanese sensei were absolutely appalled at the dearth of industrial engineers and production engineers within the ranks of the major American manufacturers who hired them as kaizen consultants. The cycles of downsizing in aerospace and defense industries had hit the industrial engineering field

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Applying Lean at a Food Bank

** Updated Jan 13, 2017 ** It seems the original video linked in this blog article has been removed.  Not to worry, we found another great video for you to enjoy! ** Original Post Below ** Hat tip to my friend, and business partner, Kevin Meyer for pointing me to

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The Only Type of Kaizen is Daily Kaizen

Last week I was asked to identify the three types of kaizen. People feel the need to classify. Boundaries are useful approximations and should not limit us too much in practice. The three types of kaizen commonly identified are big, medium and small or kaikaku, kaizen event and kaizen suggestion

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Standardization Video

This video focuses on the extremely important topic of Standardization. It’s also the first video of Gemba Academy’s latest course focused entirely on the lean concept of Standard Work. To learn more about this Standard Work course please click here.