GA 202 | How to Achieve Clarity with Karen Martin

This week’s guest is consultant and speaker Karen Martin. Karen shed some light on the importance of individual and organizational clarity in anticipation of her new book, Clarity First. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Karen’s background (2:11)
  • About Karen’s upcoming book (4:13)
  • What clarity is (4:55)
  • Why individuals and organizations need clarity (7:12)
  • An example (8:29)
  • The five “buckets” of clarity (9:52)
  • Why clarity is so hard (11:09)
  • The different clarity approaches (13:02)
  • The CLEAR problem-solving method (15:47)
  • Some practical things you can start doing today (19:36)
  • Knowing the score (23:49)
  • Where the lean movement is going (25:40)
  • Who Karen would go back in time to talk to (28:45)
  • The best advice Karen has ever received (30:08)
  • What Karen is most proud of (30:51)

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What Do You Think?

In what other ways is clarity important?

1 Comment

  1. Scott King

    February 19, 2018 - 11:14 am

    Thanks Ron and Karen. I’m really looking forward to the book and will be ordering it today.

    Clarity is so important. I think of all the time, energy, and lost productivity because of the lack of clarity. Unfortunately I have not worked for companies that I consider focused on being clear, nor am I great at it myself. It has caused me many headaches.

    Going to start getting more clarity today.

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