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Gemba Glossary: 7 Wastes

In this edition of the Gemba Glossary we focus on the 7 Wastes. Click where it says “240p” to select a higher definition version of the video if you’d prefer. To access more than 150 additional lean training videos please visit Gemba Academy where you can register for a free

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Standardization Video

This video focuses on the extremely important topic of Standardization. It’s also the first video of Gemba Academy’s latest course focused entirely on the lean concept of Standard Work. To learn more about this Standard Work course please click here.

Kaizen Overview Training Video

Here is the first overview video of our latest Gemba Academy course we’re calling The Kaizen Way. My daughters even make an appearance! This new course is focused on all things kaizen – the kaizen event, suggestions systems, etc. To learn more please visit Gemba Academy today.

Free Takt Time Video and Calculator

In this video I demonstrate how to use this Takt Time Calculator.   Feel free to download the calculator and use it however you see fit. And if you’d like to learn more about what takt time is be sure to check out our Transforming Your Value Streams course where we

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How to Fold a T-Shirt in Two Motions

I recently wrote a post about laundry kaizen… I now have the knowledge needed to take things to the next level. Check it out! Question for Jon Miller: Can you please help us translate a little Japanese? At least I think it’s Japanese?

One Piece Flow versus Mass Production

In this video we watch the traditional “mass production” manufacturing technique square off against the lean “one piece flow” methodology. Have a watch to see who wins! This is my first attempt at making a video like this. I must admit, talking into a camera is much harder than pressing

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