Month: February 2007

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The New Savior of the Free World – MVT

Matt, a reader of this blog, sent me this article tonight and while I was not going to comment until I studied this more I decided what the heck… tap dancing makes for boring blogs. I’m letting it fly!A company that calls itself Qualpro is touting a methodology called MVT

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Value Stream Mapping Confusion

When drawing value stream maps there is often lots of confusion regarding the different “times” that are measured and in some cases calculated. I recently came up against this myself and thus want to share some tips with you all. Cycle Time First, let’s talk about cycle time (CT). You

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Japanese Words

Over the years I have heard American and European employees from many companies grumble when hearing Japanese words. This is most apparent during Lean training. Personally, I feel it is extremely important to use the Japanese names for things like Kanban, Kaizen, etc. In fact, if you are going to

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My “Sensei” Wife

My wife is the best. As I have to travel some for my work she takes care of the house, kids, dogs, and pretty much anything else you can imagine without me around to yell at… I mean without me to help, of course.Well, in an attempt to outdo herself

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Bollinger Bands

I am not an active trader of stocks or options although I do enjoy reading and studying the methods people use to “time” the markets so to speak. I will confess I have tried to time the markets myself but have gotten whacked more than I care to admit! My

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NASCAR Fans React!

I’m not a NASCAR fan nor foe. I could really care less about the sport but this article bothered me. It seems two popular drivers, Darrel Waltrip and Dale Jarrett, have decided to drive Toyota cars and many NASCAR faithful are bothered by it.A young 17 year old fan reacted,

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