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Let’s Establish a Waste and Efficiency Tip Line… and then Another One

By Jon Miller Published on February 20th, 2007

I caught a rerun of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night on television. The bit of news involved the $22 billion in cash lost in Iraq during Paul Bremer’s time there. Both political parties want to be seen as addressing this problem, but sadly not as a team.
The Democrats have established a committee to address government waste, fraud and abuse at www.oversight.house.gov while the Republicans have done the same at [email protected]
“We seem to have rival tip line websites,” observed California Representative Henry Waxman.
In order to make sure that the point was not lost, Jon Stewart quipped:
“The House Oversight Committee established a waste and inefficiency tip line… and then another one!”
Sometimes the U.S. government makes the comedian’s job too easy.

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