Hangin’ with Taiichi

Let me set the scene of this momentous moment.My wife had already left for her Bible study. I had two kids in the tub (2 year old and 8 month) and my 4 year old was doing something bad… I am sure of it but can’t prove it since I couldn’t see her. Then the worst thing that could happen happened. The stupid door bell rang!

I grabbed the kids out of the tub, 2 year old now screaming since she was not done playing. I got half way down stairs and could tell no one was at the door… and man was I ticked.

So I open the door and there, sweet Mary mother of Jesus, it was. After some unexpected delays, I finally received the book “Workplace Management” by Taiichi Ohno.

I just read the publishers forward and wanted to send this post out before I lay down on the couch to soak this puppy up like a starved sponge. I am so stoked to read it I cannot explain it with words.

While I don’t intend to give a chapter by chapter review I definitely want to share my reactions of the book.

If you want to buy this bad boy for yourself click here and tell ’em Lean Six Sigma Academy sent you!