Learning to Learn

By Ron Pereira Updated on January 17th, 2008

Lean Enterprise Institute has a book called Learning to See. It’s about how to use value stream maps to “see waste” in a new way. It’s a great book and even better book title. Go to Amazon and check it out.

But I think an even better book could be called: Learning to Learn. Right, so I just checked on Amazon and there is already a book called this. So the LEI guys will have to look for a new name… but let’s just press on with the point I was trying to make!

You see we can all draw excellent value stream maps, memorize the formula for takt time, and have things like SMED and Jidoka mastered. But if we don’t learn how to learn we will never achieve greatness.

You see, it’s not how good you are at the tools of lean manufacturing or six sigma or lean six sigma. Anyone can learn the tools. But not everyone can humble themselves in such a way as to realize learning never ends.

And it’s our ability to learn and grow – personally and professionally – that helps us truly prosper in life. 

So, perhaps a little hansei is in order as we close down another week.  Did you learn anything new this week?  If not, don’t despair, there is always next week.  Remember, learning never ends.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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