Month: August 2008

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Do you Use VSM Software?

There are at least two schools of thought related to the use of software when drawing value stream maps. Some lean purists claim the use of value stream mapping software is heretical while others have no problem with it. My Opinion My personal preference is to always use pencil and

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The Hard Sell for Cells

On a few occasions lately I’ve had to make the hard sell for cells. Typically when teaching people how to implement TPS we show more than tell. The learning by doing helps people take ownership of the decision to make a significant change. But more so than changing methods, making

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Laundry Kaizen

With my wife trying to focus on our newest family member I decided to do the laundry this past week. It’s been awhile since I’ve done the laundry and some things have definitely changed. Before Kaizen Before, what I’m calling laundry kaizen, we used to throw all of our dirty

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