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Must Read Article about Top Toyota Engineer

By Ron Pereira Updated on January 13th, 2011

Top Toyota Engineer SpeaksIf you don’t already read Jon Miller’s excellent blog you’ll want to pay a visit and read his most recent article “Toyota’s Top Engineer on How to Develop Thinking People.”

The original article Jon references is in Japanese making it useless to most readers of this blog (and me)!  Luckily, Jon was raised in Japan and speaks and reads Japanese so he is able to translate it for us.

Here is a small snippet.

Hayashi: I was really afraid of Mr. Ohno when I was young. But I think he was developing thinking people. He never gave us the answer. When he gave us an assignment, he would just stand by and watch us fail, even if he knew the answer.

If you read one blog today (OK two since you are reading this one) make it Jon’s.  Here is the link.

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