Total Productive Maintenace (TPM) Overview

If your company relies on machines and/or equipment of any kind to satisfy customer demand chances are extremely high that Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) could benefit you.

With this said, I’m excited to announce that Gemba Academy has just released their newest course focused entirely on Total Productive Maintenance, usually referred to as TPM.

In this course Mike Wroblewski, of Gemba Consulting and the Kaizen Institute, explains what TPM is, and isn’t, while also covering topics such as the 6 Big Losses and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

With the release of this new course Gemba Academy now offers 160 lean manufacturing training videos covering topics such as The Kaizen Way, 5S Workplace Productivity, Dealing With the Seven Deadly Wastes, Practical Problem Solving, Standard Work, Leader Standard Work, Transforming Your Value Streams, The Seven Quality Control Tools, Quick Changeover: The SMED System, and Lean Lingo Explained.

Finally, here is the first video of the TPM course.   If you’re reading this post via email or RSS reader you’ll likely need to click through to the website to view the video.


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