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Designing Better Hospitals with 3P: Video

By Jon Miller Updated on April 3rd, 2021

The Production Preparation Process (3P) is a method for bringing together a team to evaluate the requirements of a design, apply lean principles and use low-cost rapid prototyping (a.k.a. cardboard engineering) to achieve breakthrough improvements. The design can be a product, a process, a service or a hospital building. There are some very exciting things happening within American hospitals using this method both in terms of lowering the cost of delivery and improving the quality of care.

Kaizen Institute has been involved in several of these 3P initiatives, and our online training company Gemba Academy has just released an 11-module course on the Production Preparation Process (3P). It is taught by our senior consultant Mike Wroblewski. Examples are drawn from a hospital design project but the lean principles and 3P approach he teaches applies equally well to any industry.

This 3P course is available on DVD as a standalone online product. For people new to Gemba Academy, the best value is the bundled Complete Lean Package which now includes 199 lean training videos, with new content added monthly.
The overview video above can be viewed via YouTube feed, and for those who are unable to view YouTube it is possible to sign up for a free preview account to see this and several overview videos.

  1. Mark Graban

    September 13, 2011 - 7:52 pm

    This is a really important topic for hospitals and health systems. Thanks for producing this!

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