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Advanced Lean is Paying Due Respect to Basic Lean

I used to believe there was such a thing as advanced lean. Many people probably still believe this today. How about you? There are several ways “advanced lean” is used. In an educational context it means “not for beginners.” The content requires the lean learner be further ahead in development or progress. This

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GA 168 | How to Leverage Change Intelligence with Barbara Trautlein

This week’s guest is Barbara Trautlein, the founder of Change Catalysts. Barbara and Ron discussed change management, specifically why change fails and how people define failure. Barbara also explained the concept of Change Intelligence, and how it can help us all be better leaders. An MP3 version of this episode

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Lean is a Floor

American football is in its preseason. Teams have been holding training events for veterans and new players. Sports media commentators often speak or write about a players “floor” or “ceiling.” A rookie with a “high ceiling” has not yet reached his peak, and it is hoped they will grow into a star players. On the

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Scalable Learning, with a Lean Twist

Last week John Haley and John Brown penned an interesting piece in the Harvard Business Review titled Great Businesses Scale Their Learning, Not Just Their Operations.  They began with a bit of history on how scalable efficiency used to be a critical foundation for business, but that’s no longer the

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GA 166 | How to “Win” at Lean with Paul Critchley

This week’s guest is Paul Critchley, a lean consultant with a diverse background. Paul and Ron discussed some of the roadblocks organizations typically experience on their lean journeys, as well as what it means to be “winning” at lean. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this

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Lean Thinking from Itchy Toes to NASA

About a month ago I consulted a physician about itchy toes, for the third time in about a year.  Through this process, I was able to reflect on Lean thinking, organizational culture, how we present problems, and what this means for the effectiveness of our problem solving. My toes began

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