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GA 388 | Your Brain and a Parachute with Chandan Dey

By Jessica Bush Updated on September 9th, 2021

This week’s guest is Chandan Dey. Chandan provided some valuable insight on 3P, including advice on deploying it within your organization. Chandan also explained how and why the human brain is like a parachute. An MP3 audio version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The quote that inspires Chandan (3:14)
  • Chandan’s background (7:55)
  • His experience with 3P (12:03)
  • What 3P is all about (12:55)
  • Examples of 3P implementation (14:22)
  • Dealing with skepticism (23:03)
  • How your brain is like a parachute (25:21)
  • Advice for those interested in using 3P (25:55)

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    September 10, 2021 - 4:23 am

    Chandan an extraordinary personality with immense knowledgeable experience and virtual conversation about 3P is very nice and enjoying.

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