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Lessons from Perfecting the Pour Over

For years my wife and I had been fans of our Keurig.  Pop in a pod and in a minute you had a decent cup of coffee.  Simple, clean, and seemingly “lean” since the process was optimized with very little waste.  That changed when The Atlantic published an article in

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5 Thoughts On Dealing With Leadership Resistance

By Steve Kane Gemba Academy recently conducted a one-question survey. The question was “What are you struggling with on your continuous improvement journey?” The most common response was related to dealing with leadership resistance or reluctance. It was abundantly clear from the survey results that many people deal with the

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Standard Work

Since the mission of this blog is to offer ideas for how to align the strengths of both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma I wanted discuss a topic I firmly believe all continuous improvement practitioners should practice. This topic is standard work. There are three components of standard work: Takt

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