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Eric’s Japan Lean Benchmarking Trip, 3

By Jon Miller Published on November 16th, 2005

This is the third and final installation of Eric’s report from his Lean manufacturing benchmarking trip to Japan in October.
“Omron Taiyo manufactures electronic parts and employs the handicapped. Omron Taiyo produces various switches, circuit boards, and fastener packages. Many of the participants on this benchmarking trip felt this was the most rewarding stop on our tour.”
At Omron Taiyo their philosophy is that a physical handicap is not an excuse for not performing or competing. Omron Taiyo houses many employees on campus to eliminate travel problems for them.
They make extensive use of kaizen to enable their workers to be highly productive regardless of whether they are in a wheelchair or have other physical limitations. Omron focuses on work station engineering to make processes adaptable to worker limitations.
Their own workers create handling devices, in-line inspection devices, tools, positioning devices, and transfer equipment to allow the employees to do the work. Omron Taiyo had some of the best examples I have seen in reducing wasted motion. Their work stations were made to fit the process and worker.
Omron Taiyo believes their processes must utilize low cost automation, jidoka and pokayoke devices for company to be successful. For example they make extensive use in-line of scales to weigh assemblies, assuring all of the parts have been attached.
This visit generated many comments praising the ingenuity and innovation in the work processes as well as the dedication and determination of the workforce. Based on what they saw, the tour participants stated they should never hear any excuse in their own companies that something cannot be done. Omron was both an inspiring and humbling experience. We all left with great admiration for the leadership and workers of the company.”

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  1. Jian Zhang

    February 9, 2006 - 9:21 pm

    I can not get the Part 2 of this. Probably there is a wrong link. Please provide the link to part 2.

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