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By Jon Miller Published on August 11th, 2006

There’s a great post and invaluable advice on how to kaizen the kaizen event from Mike Wroblewski at the Got Boondoggle? blog today. Mike was happy with the results from a kaizen event at an aerospace firm in Indiana, where his kaizen eventwhere his team delivered results of 36% lead-time reduction and distance traveled by 68%.
But like a true Lean guy, he was dissatisfied with the kaizen. Asking himself “how could it be better next time?” he came up with these 10 lessons to kaizen the kaizen:
Lesson 1. Keep the kaizen training to what is actually needed for the event.
Lesson 2. Provide the kaizen training at the right time.
Lesson 3. Properly scale the scope of the kaizen event.
Lesson 4. Measure twice, cut once.
Lesson 5. Do not tick off your maintenance support crew.
Lesson 6. Pick the right lean tool for the job and use it well.
Lesson 7. Buy-in, Buy-in, Buy-in.
Lesson 8. Watch out for collateral damage.
Lesson 9. Keep your kaizen goals simple.
Lesson 10. Go to gemba and stay there the entire week.
You’ll need to visit Mike’s blog to get the full story.

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