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Continuous Improvement Video from Genie Industries

By Jon Miller Updated on May 9th, 2019

Here is a quick follow up to yesterday’s post on 3P.
Genie Industries is a local company that makes lifts. They have been doing kaizen for several years with great results. I have toured them and spoken to their continuous improvement leaders as well as workers. They deserve kudos.
On their website there is a high quality seven-minute video of Genie’s Continuous Improvement Jouney. In the beginning of the video (0:45 to 1:25) we are introduced to 3P and their method of selecting process alternatives. Genie calls this the “seven ways” practice. It’s an excellent 40 second visual narrative of the Production Preparation Process that takes you from concept to cardboard and wood mock up to steel prototype.
The video also shows examples of their moving line, andon and pull chord, visual production status boards, point of use tools, pokayoke, lineside delivery of parts by suppliers, etc.
Thanks to the Genie team for giving us all a peek.

  1. Steve Jacobson

    October 30, 2006 - 11:55 am

    I just finished viewing the seven-minute video of Genie’s Continuous Improvement Journey. This video quite effectively links quality assurance with lean manufacturing principles. I am looking at building a library so to speak of short videos that are informative, interesting and relevant to manufacturing. I would welcome recommendations regarding exceptional material of this nature.

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