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Making a Business Out of Organizing (Making You Feel on Top of Things)

By Jon Miller Published on December 12th, 2006

I came across Productivity Cafe, the blog of Susan Sabo of Organizers, Inc. today. She is an author, speaker and consultant who “helps people feel on top of things by training, coaching, and persuading them to be more organized and productive” according to her bio on the blog.
There are many practical and useful ideas on this blog. She doesn’t call it kaizen but Susan is promoting the kind of everyone everyday improvements that we love to find.
Of immediate interest to the Lean practitioner, there are some great photographs from a garage before & after 5S or in Susan’s terms “organizing”. The before & after photographs from the office are also good examples and can be used for office 5S training.
There are many kaizen ideas in the Productivity Cafe archives that we can put to use here in our office right away. Keep up the good work Organizers!

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