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Giving A Shout Out to a Few Gemba Bloggers

By Jon Miller Published on January 11th, 2007

I would like to recognize a few fellow bloggers who consistently share genuine events and lessons from Lean manufacturing experiences on their gemba.
Mike Wroblewski has promised to return to more active blogging with a post last week. Looking forward to more soon, Mike.
Joe Ely’s blog Learning About Lean tends to have thoughtful and sincere insights from the front lines of Lean manufacturing implementation. Joe Ely has is also back after a long hiatus, so visit his blog and encourage him to keep up the good work.
Elizabeth Seyler is a relatively new voice, with My Journey as Lean Champion. She has fresh takes on real life Lean manufacturing implementations, with kaizen summaries covering why was it done, what was done, lessons learned, what were the results, visual controls and metrics, and team thoughts. She bravely invites you to contact her to share ideas, struggles etc. so please give her your support
My favorite post of hers is Value Stream Mapping in Engineering. Here is a snippet:
* It is worth shutting down Engineering for 6hrs in a day to focus and keep focus on the current and future state.
* Team buy in is key to successful implementation of lean changes.
* 30/60/90 days actions must be concise and measurable.
* Defining value added and non value added work within Engineering environment must be done carefully as people do not really grasp the idea.

Well done. Post that on your engineering manager’s wall.

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