Change Management

CAVE People

By Ron Updated on June 4th, 2007

Most of us have encountered individuals I call CAVE people. These people are:


You can likely name one or two CAVE people right away. In my experience there is no easy way to deal with them. They are often unhappy people and arguing and complaining seems to help them cope with their bitterness.

My advice is to never enter into an argument or debate with them. Instead, try getting to the root of the issue. In some cases you may be able to uncover the real issue causing their unhappiness, which is probably not your Lean or Six Sigma initiative.

By simply talking to this person and listening, really listening, you may be able to help them turn the corner towards a happier life. To me, this is the most important continuous improvement of all.

Until next time, I wish you the best on your journey towards continuous improvement.

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