Sorry So Grumpy Lately


I did some hansei today on my drive home from work and realized I have been too grumpy lately. I jumped all over the airlines industry… then went after some software folks… and then tonight I had prepared to pummel a company for charging me for a product I never received.

However, after reflecting on things a bit I realized my complaining is doing very little to help these companies improve. The true spirit of Lean and Six Sigma is to help people… not bash them.

This was driven home when I read a recent comment left by a poster who bashed someone else. I flew back at this person… then realized my recent attitudes have been just as rotten.

So no complaining or bashing tonight. Instead, I am planning out how I can help the software company I bashed here improve their process. I am not sure I can help the airlines out much so perhaps I will leave them for another day.



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