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Becoming Annoyed with the 4-Hour Workweek

By Ron Pereira Published on July 7th, 2007

As regular readers of this blog know I am reading the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.  I am still not done with it but wanted to officially declare this book is beginning to annoy me.

The New Rich

Early in the book Ferriss introduces us to the New Rich (NR).  These people have both money and time to spend it.  They outsource everything and essentially check their email once a week to see how things are going.  Many people are drawn to this idea since they hate most aspects of their life, especially their jobs.


Ferriss also promotes batching everything.  He explains how you should tool up for a task and then get it all down at one go to avoid changeovers.  It seems Ferriss has read the playbook of the most traditional mass producers out there.  Hey Tim, if you are reading, here is a new topic for your next book  – Single Minute Exchange of Dies.  Read up on it and holler if you have any questions.


Not to be outdone, Ferriss then goes on to explain how we should outsource everything.  I mean everything.  He shares a story from the Esquire CEO who bought into this outsourcing idea.  It’s at this point I almost puked.  Check this one out.

Wife Problems

This  Esquire dude has his Indian admin work all of this emails, contact clients, tell them to quit bothering him, etc.  OK, this may be acceptable.  But then, sorry for the un-Christian language I am about to use, this idiot has his admin send his WIFE an email since he can’t seem to keep her off his back.  So his Indian admin sends an email to the guys wife explaining how he loves her, etc.  Give me a freaking break people.

One More Post

I promise to finish this book soon (speed reading from here on out) and share some final comments.  In fairness to Mr. Ferris, there are some decent ideas in the book even if many of them are whacked (in my opinion).  Anyhow, stay tuned for that.


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