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Online Training for Quick Changeover and SMED

By Jon Miller Updated on May 19th, 2017

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The Quick Changeover and SMED course is now available from Gemba Academy. There are 12 video modules with quizzes and supporting documents, for a total of approximately 6 hours of step by step learning.

The twelve modules are;

Module 1: Quick Changeover Overview Part 1, in which you learn what Quick Changeover and SMED are and why they are extremely important concepts for implementing lean;

Module 2: Quick Changeover Overview Part 2, in which you learn the what and how of the 8 steps to Quick Changeover;

Module 3: Document Reality Part 1, in which you learn how to observe and document reality using tools such as video and time observation;

Module 4: Changeover Part 1, in which we learn as we watch an actual “before kaizen” press changeover at Ram Technologies;

Module 5: Changeover Part 2, in which we continue observation of the press changeover;

Module 6: Document Reality Part 2, in which we learn how to use the SMED analysis documents to capture and begin categorizing the improvement opportunities;

Module 7: Homework, in which you have an opportunity to think of how to improve the changeover using the principles you have learned;

Module 8: Separate and Shift Internal to External, in which we learn to separate the two types of changeover time to make drastic reductions;

Module 9: Streamline External Tasks and Identify Parallel Tasks, in which we learn how to streamline external tasks while also identifying internal tasks that can be done in parallel, just like racing pit crews do;


Module 10: Streamline Internal Tasks, in which we learn how to streamline internal tasks by eliminating waste like adjustments and motion;

Module 11: Practice New Setup and Document the New Standard, in which we learn how to practice and properly document the new and improved changeover, and

Module 12: Ram Changeover After Improvements in which we see the combined results of following the 8 step quick changeover process at Ram Technologies.

See the results of the quick changeover process (66% improvement) at Ram Technologies and start making improvements to your equipment availability today!

Or, you could be this guy.

Men undernaeth a sports car tune it for a race


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