Thank You for Saving Energy

By Jon Miller Updated on May 24th, 2017

Junaid shared with us a simple energy savings idea he took away from a study trip to Japan:

I learned many things from Japanese society energy saving is one of them which we have implemented in our factory in Pakistan. I was really impressed by one slogan which I saw in Kanshu center on every electric board, “THANK YOU FOR SAVING ENERGY”. I have implemented this KAIZEN with local language for easy understanding and pasted on each and every electrical appliance, electrical boards, panels even air conditioner remotes etc. this is good to promote energy saving KAIZEN.

If there is an electrical fixture that is habitually and wastefully left on at your home or workplace, may I suggest that you print out and post this reminder? The Urdu scrip will be eye-catching no doubt. It is more likely that this message not go ignored than if it was in English or your local language only.

Last night as I was locking up the office which we share with another company a bright light caught my eye. A small florescent lamp was left on in a supply area that was hidden from view. I took this photo and e-mailed it to the landlord. Their company is quite conscientious about kaizen and has even installed motion detector light switches for all of the meeting rooms. But it seems they need to do another round or two of energy treasure hunts.

Thank you Junaid for your contribution, and I thank you all in advance for saving energy.

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