FastCap Lean Tour: "Do Kaizen First" Every Day

By Jon Miller Published on November 7th, 2010

Here is another great video from innovator and lean leader Paul Akers. In this video members of one of Gemba Consulting USA’s lean tour groups from Bombardier Aerospace share their impressions while visiting FastCap. Bombardier is a a big company with a strong lean program ongoing for many years, so what could they learn from tiny FastCap? Hear it from the people who saw it, see it for yourself on film, how FastCap has managed to make kaizen “go viral”, see how FastCap puts respect for people into practice, and what it means to “do kaizen first” every day, and more.
Also featured: my long-time collaborator Brad Schmidt from Gemba on record saying around the 7:30 mark that he will do kaizen every day before all else. Great news! I can’t wait.

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