Kaizen Song: So What

Who knew there were lyrics to this Miles Davis jazz standard from his classic Kind of Blue album. Here is the kaizen song version of these lyrics from So What. Put on the CD, lay down an A3, and sing along…

So What (to the tune of So What by Miles Davis)

My sensei walked from the floor
Just as we finished problem solving
Oh yes, he did have questions more
Though our solutions were on paper
Coaching our problem statement
“It makes or breaks your problem solving”
We could tell from his face
Our thinking was not right
He read our A3 in reverse
To justify our countermeasures
We made a groaning sound
Knowing we’d have to rewrite it
He spoke of why and therefore
And we knew we’d need our erasers
“And if you can’t figure out
Root cause, I’d like to give you
A good phrase to help you”
“So what?”

To help you get the groove here is an iTunes sample of Miles Davis playing So What.


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