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Leader Standard Work Overview Video

By Jon Miller Updated on October 2nd, 2020

We have released the Leader Standard Work online training course at Gemba Academy. Currently there are seven modules in which Mike Wroblewski teaches how leaders at all levels can incorporate lean principles into their daily management in order to develop people, get the most from your team and deliver results. The seven modules are:

Module 1: Introduction. We introduce the concept of Leader Standard Work using the analogy of a sports team and its coach. Please enjoy viewing this module by clicking the video image above, or by visiting YouTube.

Module 2: A Process Focus. Mike challenges his audience with the question, “Are you working in the process or on the process?”

Module 3: Creating Leader Standard Work. Mike Wroblewski teaches us the similarities and difference between Leader Standard Work for front line supervisors a for senior leaders of the company.

Module 4: Coaching. Mike conducts a live and unplanned Leader Standard Work coaching session with his audience.

Module 5: Visual Controls. We demonstrate how visual controls are essential to the success of Leader Standard Work.

Module 6: The Kamishibai Audit System. Mike explains how the kamishibai system is used to structure the “go see” process checks which are an essential part of Leader Standard Work.

Module 7: Daily Accountability and Discipline. Mike give tips on how to make the actions within Leader Standard Work part of daily practice.

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