Live Built in Quality Seminar in Denton, TX

By Ron Pereira Updated on May 18th, 2017

Peterbilt Motors, Gemba Academy and Kaizen Institute are pleased to present a half-day live workshop on Monday December 5th 2011 on the subject of “Built-in Quality”, one of the two pillars of the Toyota Production System house.

What is Built in Quality?

Sometimes called jidoka or autonomation, the lean approach to quality is to develop processes that prevent, detect, contain and countermeasure errors. The aim of a Built-in Quality system is to stop defects from being passed to the next process i.e. the customer.

Commonly expressed “Don’t accept, make or pass on poor quality” this is possible only by understanding how various principles and tools interact within a Built-in Quality system. These enablers include the andon system, the stop-and-call / stop-and-fix principle, Quality Key Points within standardized work, rapid response teams, practical problem solving, mistake proofing, process capability and many others.

About the Presenter

The seminar speaker will be Chris Schrandt, Senior Consultant with Kaizen Institute. Chris has taught kaizen and the Toyota Production System (TPS) for the past 23 years in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden and Mexico in manufacturing, healthcare and service fields. Chris gained a deep understanding of Built in Quality over 10 years as Quality Engineering Manager with Toyota in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Chris learned under Japanese coordinators and experts, and directed a team of 40 engineers and support staff responsible for improvement projects across multiple suppliers and processes.

Where and When

Monday, December 5, 2011
8:00AM – 1:30 PM (lunch provided)
Peterbilt Motors Company
3200 Airport Road
Denton, Texas USA


The cost is $150 per person, including lunch and printed materials.

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