Kanban Systems Overview Video

By Ron Pereira Updated on May 18th, 2017

Here’s the first overview video from our latest course focused on Kanban Systems.

And here’s a summary document of this video in PDF format that can be downloaded and printed.

If you’re reading this via email or RSS feed you may need to click through to the website to see the video.

Finally, we’re experimenting with YouTube’s new captions system.  You can use it to add subtitles of many different languages.  Just click the CC button once the video starts to play in order to access the Captions menu and choose the language of your choice. You can also disable captions in this same menu.

  1. Rob

    March 5, 2012 - 2:58 pm

    This is a great overview of kanban. I recall the six rules that were hammered into me:

    1. no withdrawal of parts without a kanban

    2. the subsequent process withdraws only what is needed

    3. don’t send defects to the subsequent process

    4. to ensure minimum inventory the preceding process should produce only the exact quantity of parts withdrawn by the subsequent process

    5. smooth production

    6. fine tune production using kanban

    You can see how well your kanban process is working simply be looking at it. For example, if there are lots of unfulfilled kanban signals (or indeed the opposite) there’s a problem which needs to be solved. The most common problem I’ve come across is the assumption that you can install a kanban system then assume that you can just leave it alone. Of course, it’s not. Also remember to install metrics, for example, due date compliance along with unfulfilled or filled kanbans.

  2. Syed

    March 6, 2012 - 9:52 am

    Nice video. We tried to implement a Kanban system but struggled since our demand fluctuates too much. We are working to smooth it before trying again.

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