GA 023 | The Lean Roundtable with Paul Akers and Friends

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Lean RoundtableToday’s episode is jam-packed with amazing lean conversation. FastCap’s Paul Akers invited me to join his monthly Lean Roundtable, during which he and other lean leaders check in with each other and discuss a specific topic related to continuous improvement.

In this edition, we discussed what we’re struggling with in terms of lean. To say I learned a lot is an understatement.

An MP3 version is also available for download here

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How the Lean Roundtable got started and who the participants are (3:06)
  • How Ashley Bailey of Klime-Ezee is struggling with engagement and vision (7:05)
  • How Greg Glebe of Xylem Design is struggling to connect with employees (11:40)
  • How Loren Jones of Xylem Design is struggling to set a consistent lean example (13:28)
  • How Michael Althoff of Yellotools is struggling to keep lean practices top of mind (16:46)
  • How Nick Koceljl of Walters & Wolf is struggling to sustain lean changes (21:32)
  • How Glenn Bostock of SnapCab is struggling to identify areas to improve (30:34)
  • How Bruce Ennis of BE Quality is struggling to inspire and engage employees (33:59)
  • Why lean is hard…is it the message or the methodology? (48:10)
  • How Paul Akers of FastCap is struggling to help improve employees’ personal lives (53:50)
  • How Ron recently understood what lean is really all about (59:31)
  • Final comments from the participants (1:03:40)

Video Version of Lean Roundtable

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What are you presently struggling with? Is lean hard, easy, or neither?


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