GA 034 | Becoming a Lean Leader with Steve Kane

Note: We’re releasing this episode one day earlier than normal… this way our American listeners will have something to listen to while on that road trip to Thanksgiving dinner!

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steve-kane-kencoThis episode is a little different. Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Steve Kane, gave a presentation to the Kenco team in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Steve shares his fascinating lean journey and what he’s learned over the years, with an emphasis on his time at Specialty Silicone Fabricators.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Steve’s background, including his education and discovery of lean (2:12)
  • How Steve used his newfound knowledge of lean at Specialty Silicone Fabricators, and what challenges he faced (5:15)
  • What Steve eventually learned was the basis for the problems at SSF (12:29)
  • Why it’s almost always the process, not the employee (18:06)
  • The three things every person deserves, and why (19:01)
  • Why Steve and his team decided to have a vision, not a plan (22:49)
  • What happened on the first day of SSF’s lean journey (26:55)
  • How the morning meeting changed (30:21)
  • How the SSF employees started asking for lean tools (35:00)
  • Examples of how lean drastically improved employee satisfaction and overall performance (37:09)
  • The more accurate translation of “Respect for People” (40:21)
  • Steve’s final key principles (48:00)
  • Steve’s call to action for the people of Kenco (55:56)

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