GA 050 | Six Years Later: Our Journey

By Ron Pereira Updated on July 6th, 2021

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During a recent meeting in Palm Springs, we sat down with each member of the team (except new Website Manager Luis Frigo) to discuss what it’s like to work for Gemba Academy. This unique episode is a great way to learn more about the early days of our company, the people behind the brand, and how we got to where we are today.

An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Ron’s pivotal moment that contributed to the creation of Gemba Academy (0:35)
  • Co-Founder Kevin Meyer’s reflection on the past six years (2:05)
  • How Customer Care Manager Elaine Cressionnie is able to better serve our customers nowadays (6:44)
  • How Videographer Greg Nickell felt about creating our studio (11:50)
  • What Sales Manager Leslie Moles enjoys most about working with customers (12:45)
  • Why Director of Sales and Marketing Steven Kane is so passionate about GA (13:42)
  • What Business Manager Holley Seifert likes most about working for GA (15:53)
  • How Marketing Specialist Jessica Bush adds value to our marketing strategy (17:08)
  • How working for GA has empowered Executive Assistant Brita Quella (18:40)
  • What Business Manager Jennifer Scott finds exciting about joining the GA team (19:28)
  • What GA will be doing in five years, according to Kevin (20:50)
  • Greg’s take on the culture at GA (22:40)
  • Why Elaine loves working for GA (23:55)

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