GA 054 | The Five Guiding Principles with Jonathan Escobar Marin

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Today’s guest is Jonathan Escobar Marin, Global Head of Lean Management for the Paul Hartman Group. Jonathan and I discuss the five profound principles that guide his work, and the specific purpose each one serves. I first read these principles on Jonathan’s LinkedIn profile and I truly believe that they are universally applicable.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Jonathan’s background (2:27)
  • The quote that inspires Jonathan (4:33)
  • What lean management means to Jonathan (8:01)
  • The role HR plays in a company’s lean journey (8:38)
  • Jonathan’s first principle (11:37)
  • Jonathan’s second principle (16:12)
  • Jonathan’s third principle (17:23)
  • Jonathan’s fourth principle (18:35)
  • Jonathan’s fifth principle (21:19)
  • What “Respect for People” means to Jonathan (23:04)
  • The best advice Jonathan has ever received (25:00)
  • Jonathan’s personal productivity habit (28:29)
  • What has surprised Jonathan in his last year of practicing lean (29:43)
  • How Jonathan recharges and refocuses (32:21)
  • The skill Jonathan feels he needs to improve (34:25)
  • What the lean movement is like in Spain (36:04)
  • Jonathan’s final words of wisdom (37:15)

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What Do You Think?

Which of Jonathan’s principles do you identify with the most?


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