GA 067 | Lean Dentistry with Dr. Sami Bahri, DDS

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Today’s guest is Dr. Sami Bahri, aka the “The Lean Dentist.” Known for incorporating lean into his dentistry practice, Dr. Bahri is also an author and professional speaker. Dr. Bahri and I discuss his first introduction to continuous improvement, what his staff think about lean, and overall what makes his practice different from that of a traditional dentist’s.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The quote that inspires Dr. Bahri (4:40)
  • How Dr. Bahri was first introduced to continuous improvement (6:05)
  • What Dr. Bahri’s staff thought about lean initially (16:59)
  • An example of lean dentistry in action (21:15)
  • What makes Dr. Bahri’s practice different (22:06)
  • Advice for dentists interested in implementing lean (29:31)
  • All about Dr. Bahri’s book, Follow the Learner (31:38)
  • What “Respect for People” means to Dr. Bahri (35:34)
  • The best advice Dr. Bahri has ever received (40:36)
  • Dr. Bahri’s personal productivity habit (43:48)
  • The skill Dr. Bahri feels he needs to improve (47:13)
  • Dr. Bahri’s final practical words (48:46)

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In what other ways could dentistry be lean?


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