GA 089 | How to Improve Your Health with Lean with Paul Akers

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Today’s episode is very different. We’re sharing an entire audiobook, written and read by good friend of Gemba Academy and FastCap founder Paul Akers. It’s called Lean Health, and it’s about how Paul drastically improved his personal health using his knowledge of lean and a continuous improvement mindset. Paul’s passion is contagious, and we’re very excited to share his ideas with our listeners. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction (2:12)
  • A Word From the Author (2:36)
  • Foreword by Jeffrey K. Liker (4:55)
  • Word on the Street (10:13)
  • Preface (16:04)
  • Chapter 1: A Perfect Night in Germany (21:08)
  • Chapter 2: The Answer (27:01)
  • Chapter 3: Everest Base Camp (45:04)
  • Chapter 4: The Results (55:32)
  • Chapter 5: How Could I Be So Stupid (59:50)
  • Chapter 6: We Are All Addicts (1:07:23)
  • Chapter 7: Never Sick (1:19:02)
  • Chapter 8: The Four Things I Learned From Doug (1:24:10)
  • Chapter 9: Convoluted Chemistry (1:28:25)
  • Chapter 10: Traveling Is Easy (1:34:29)
  • Chapter 11: The Big Deception (1:39:36)
  • Chapter 12: The Picture Diet (1:45:21)
  • Chapter 13: Lean PD App (1:51:42)
  • Chapter 14: To Log or Not to Log (1:58:11)
  • Chapter 15: Racing in the Rain (2:03:59)
  • Chapter 16: The Voice of Others ()
  • Chapter 17: Roadblocks (2:15:13)
  • Chapter 18: Lead or Follow (2:36:24)
  • Chapter 19: Discipline or Intelligence (2:42:24)
  • Chapter 20: Building a Lean Team (2:50:37)
  • A Typical Day for Paul (2:59:15)
  • Twenty One Stages of Lean Health (3:06:59)
  • Questions & Answers (3:11:40)
  • Close (3:24:41)

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What Do You Think?

What piece of advice resonates with you the most? How else does lean apply to health and wellness?


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