GA 091 | How to Become a Better Learner in 2016 with Ron Pereira

It’s almost 2016…time to start thinking about how to make this year even better than the last. In this episode I’m excited to share some of the personal improvements I’ve been working on, as well as Jim Kwik’s FAST approach to becoming a better learner. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Ron’s goals for 2016 (1:44)
  • About Learning Expert Jim Kwik (2:10)
  • The FAST way to becoming a better learner (3:17)
  • The F component: Forget (3:30)
  • The A component: Active  (6:08)
  • The S component: State (7:31)
  • The T component: Teach (8:30)

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What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on the FAST method? How would you apply it?


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