GA 096 | How to Build a Lean Community with Dr. Eric Olsen

By Jessica Bush Updated on July 31st, 2021

Today’s guest is Dr. Eric Olsen, a professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California. Dr. Olsen and I discuss the lean community he’s helped to build on the Central Coast of California, the Central Coast Lean Summit, and his vision for the future. This episode is full of great advice for those looking to build their own community of lean practitioners. An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Olsen’s background and how he came to learn about continuous improvement (2:30)
  • What Dr. Olsen teaches (3:53)
  • The quote that inspires Dr. Olsen (4:50)
  • Why community is important to a lean journey (5:56)
  • How Dr. Olsen has been bringing lean to the Central Coast (7:55)
  • About the Central Coast Lean Summit (11:42)
  • The motivation and drive behind Dr. Olsen’s efforts (14:08)
  • Who can attend (16:55)
  • How to build your own lean community (19:05)
  • Dr. Olsen’s vision for the future (20:43)
  • What “Respect for People” means to Dr. Olsen (24:13)
  • The best advice Dr. Olsen has ever received (26:04)
  • Dr. Olsen’s personal productivity habit (28:38)
  • What has surprised Dr. Olsen in the last year (29:44)
  • How Dr. Olsen recharges and refocuses (31:40)
  • The knowledge or skill area Dr. Olsen feels he needs to improve (32:58)
  • Dr. Olsen’s final words of wisdom (34:07)

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